Event sailing is becoming increasingly popular for corporate team building activity due to many reasons. If you are currently picking out the best activity to do on your team building, make sure to list it as one of your options. There are some really convincing arguments for partaking in a sailing activity with your co-workers. Some of them are listed below:

1. Sailing is the ultimate form of exercise to promote team building. It starts with communication wherein all members need to properly communicate with each other in order to ensure that the sailing process goes smoothly.

2. Next is that it enhances your ability to co-operate with each other. Communication starts it up and then you must follow with action. Each member is assigned different roles in event sailing and they are expected to fulfill their duties, or else you will fail in your goal.

3. Finally, it promotes team work. You cannot expect to win in a boat race or get to your destination if you do not work together as one unit. It is true that each member has their own roles to play but lack of teamwork will still lead you to failure. Teamwork also consists of identifying the roles of other members in the team and learning to encourage them, not step on their toes.

4. Sailing also builds the team spirit. When you have this kind of spirit, it is easier to excel in your individual and team performances. Along the way, you can also establish new relationships with your teammates because you start to gain confidence in one another.

5. Sailing exposes the team to a variety of problems. Hence, this activity will serve as a test to their ability to creatively formulate solutions to their problems.

The idea of building team spirit is at the heart of corporate team building. You want to encourage each and every member of your team to work together as one cohesive unit. There is no need to have prior sailing experience in order for this to become a successful activity. Sailing is a fun yet useful way to promote this kind of mentality within the team, so make sure that you take advantage of this activity.

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Just because you love the wind in your hair and the smell of saltwater doesn’t mean you will make a good sailor.  In fact, an estimated 33% of the population is susceptible to motion sickness in mild conditions (like calm waters), a number that doubles in rougher seas (as in a storm situation).  This means that at some point, you are likely to encounter the condition that leaves many a sailor retching over the starboard.  Luckily, the prevalence of sea sickness has created a market for products to counteract it.  So if you’re looking to don the captain’s hat and take your craft out for a pleasure cruise, here are just a few ways to make sure that you’ll be in ship shape to man the rigging for the duration of your sailing expedition.

  1. Diet.  It’s a good idea to plan for meals that won’t cause undue stomach upset to begin with.  So skip the enchiladas and curry in the hours leading up to your trip and consider leaving the alcohol at home when you board.  You may also want to bring some raw gingerroot with you (like the kind that’s served with your sushi).  It’s not only good for cleansing the palate; studies have shown that less than a teaspoon of it can cut nausea nearly in half.  Can’t find this root at your local market?  Settle for ginger ale instead.
  2. Non-prescription medication.  The most common prevention for motion sickness is Dramamine, an OTC medication that is taken about an hour before your trip and can provide relief from sea sickness for up to 24 hours.  Unfortunately, it also causes drowsiness, which is not advisable when you’re manning a sailboat.  For this reason, you may be better off choosing Bonine, Marezine, or Stugeron, all of which work in basically the same way but with far less likelihood of nodding off at the wheel.
  3. The patch.  Widely regarded as the most effective and long-lasting preventive measure for motion sickness, the patch relies on a drug called Scopolamine to hold nausea at bay.  The active ingredient is absorbed through the skin, starting four hours before you board the boat (when you place the patch on your body) and lasting up to 72 hours (at which point it can be replaced with a new patch).  Side effects can include dry mouth and blurred vision, and in some cases you may find that you are unable to abide the drug.  Because of this, you should talk to your doctor (you’ll need a prescription anyway) and try it out before you ever have to rely on it.
  4. Magnets.  Magnetized acupressure bracelets are all the rage for those who suffer from motion sickness but would rather skip the medications.  The problem is that most people don’t really know how to find the proper pressure points on their wrists, meaning you’re basically going to play roulette with your remedy.
  5. ReliefBand.  This electronic band is worn like a watch and it prevents and eases the symptoms of sea sickness through measured electrical pulses.  Like most non-medical treatments, some people swear by it while others don’t get much out of it.  You’ll simply have to try it out to see if it works for you.

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Choosing the Right Sailing Attire

August 16, 2011

When packing for your weeklong trip aboard a cruise ship or yacht, you may be tempted to bring nothing but teeny bikinis and high-heeled sandals.  But if you’ve opted to take your vacation on a sailboat instead of its pricy compatriots, then you’ll need to bring a better-rounded wardrobe.  This isn’t to say that you [...]

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The Benefits of Sports Rivalries

June 29, 2011

Sports rivalries are prevalent in most sports today even in sailboat sailing. In sailing, we have New York Yacht Club-Royal Yacht Squadron rivalry. Even in everyday activities, we see healthy competitions in kid’s games. Even in nature, competitions exist. In football, we have Real Madrid-FC Barcelona rivalry. Sports rivalries have their own advantages and also [...]

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How to Judge Wind and Sea Conditions

June 27, 2011

Once in a while you’ll meet someone who has spent their whole life around the ocean, and these people tend to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to judging weather patterns on the open water.  They can feel it in their bones when a storm is on the way (and despite the [...]

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Looking for a Fun Retirement Activity? Try Sailing

June 27, 2011

Just because you’ve technically entered your “twilight” years by retiring doesn’t mean you’re ready to slow down.  You no doubt had visions of rocking in a chair on the porch, watching the neighborhood kids kick your azaleas, but it turns out that with people living longer, healthier lives these days, you’re still fit and active [...]

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Stopping at Jack London Square Marina

April 15, 2011

After an exhausting week at work, I long to just pack up my bags and head on to the marina. When you’re at sea, it feels as if you are at one with nature. There is nothing that stands in your way; just you, the sea and the sky. Listen to the calming rhythm of [...]

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Wine Glasses on a Sailboat

April 12, 2011

On a recent sailing trip, a colleague brought on board 2 cases of wine and 6 bottles of champagne. It was going to be a great weekend! All guests had been asked to supply their own wine glasses (silly me, I should have specified ‘unbreakable’ as a requirement – but that’s another story!). When we [...]

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How to Get in Shape for Sailboat Racing

April 5, 2011

When most people think of sailing, they imagine a leisurely jaunt through crystal-clear waters near some tropical paradise.  They don’t generally picture rough, choppy waters, brisk winds snapping the sails (and lines), and hard-core racing that could end in injury or even death for the sailor that isn’t prepared.  Not all sailboat racing is particularly [...]

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Even if You Are in the Middle of the Ocean You Can Still Visit a Casino

March 17, 2011

Modern technology really is a wonderful thing and it means that we have a lot more options when it comes to fun. It also means that we can enjoy many forms of entertainment no matter where we are on the planet. An increasingly popular form of entertainment is the online casino and now you can [...]

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