Know About Sailboat – Sailing Is Amazing but You Need To Know the Basics

You will really notice that it is really very confusing terminology when you decide to learn sailing. It can be overwhelming for the beginner sailor. In this article, you will read some basic sailing terms.Sailing is amazing

Aft and the Bow:

The forward part of the sailboat is known as the bow, and the back half of the sailing boat is known as aft. The Aft is also known as the stern and it is more problematic. It is really very important for you to know the Bow because the bow’s location directly relates to most important 2 terms in sailing, Port and Star board.

Ports and Starboard:

The left hand side of the sail boat is known as port, when you look forward towards the bow. The right hand side of the sailboat is called Starboard. Most of the sailors (beginners) think that it is very easy to use the left and right, but let me tell you, this is something confusing. It is really very important to know about these two terms.

Sailing basicsLeeward and Windward:

As we all know, that sailing is linked to the wind and to the direction of the wind. The direction in which the wind is blowing is called the windward and the opposite direction is called leeward. Most of the sailors (beginners) get confusion in these two, but these names are easy to remember.

Sheets, the rudder and the boom:

Within a sailboat, you will find these objects. You will find a horizontal pole in the sailboat that connects to the foot is called the boom. It is very important for a sailor to pay attention on the boom, otherwise it can be quite dangerous. The flat piece of wood or plastic under the boat is called the rudder; it is used for steering the boat. The ropes which are used to control the sailboat is known as the sheets.

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